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Empowering Entrepreneurs, Protecting Investors, Creating Jobs

We have all come to accept that we cannot have reward without an equal amount of risk. has redrawn the traditional risk/return scale, creating a breakthrough investment product that provides a new way to invest in equity. Now investors can balance growth with protection instead of having to choose between the two. Offers:

  • Access to early stage companies with huge growth potential
  • Protection of initial capital investment through government backed bonds
  • Option to pick your level of capital protection
  • Ability to convert protected capital investment into more equity for maximum growth
  • IRA and 401k eligibility

Unique Capital Protection Option

When you invest through you can choose between three capital protection options:

If you choose one of the capital protected options, a portion of your investment will go into buying U.S government bonds and 404 Not Found

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you will receive a trust certificate. The balance goes into the operating company and you receive shares as an investor.

If you choose the capital protection opportunity, you receive conversion opportunities. Depending upon your level of protection, you have the opportunity to convert some or all of your protected capital into more equity in the company, based upon the funding needs and success of the company.

If you choose no capital protection, you receive shares in the company, but no additional conversion rights.

Why is Different

Most early stage companies generally require multiple rounds of financing (see financing stages) to achieve their goals. The RetireAmerica product solves this problem by providing the company with access to additional capital through conversion opportunities held by the capital protection trust holders.

The RetireAmerica product is unique; it aligns the interests of investors and entrepreneurs.

For the investor: You can pick your level of protection, and have conversion opportunities for the protected portion. This allows you to invest and watch the company. If it performs, ( and you chose capital protection) you have the opportunity to convert some or all of the protected capital into more shares, based upon the funding needs of the company.  If it doesn’t perform, you have capital protection and receive all your protected capital back over time.

For the entrepreneur: Access to capital, with a built in investor base of ready capital available based on the performance of the company, and the company’s financing needs.