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Empowering Entrepreneurs, Protecting Investors, Creating Jobs

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economic growth (not to mention job growth).

One of the most difficult parts of being an entrepreneur is finding a source of capital to grow your business. That’s where we come in!

Our Mission is dedicated towards bringing together investors who are looking to invest in exciting companies, and entrepreneurs with exciting companies who need capital to grow their business. For investors we endeavor to give them access to companies with huge growth potential while offing the ability to protect their capital. For entrepreneurs we seek to make the fund raising process as easy as possible for the life of the company.

How the capital protection option for investors benefits you.

As your company grows, it will likely need to seek capital again in the future to fuel further growth. This means at some point you will have to seek funding again.

When investing through investors are given an option to protect some of their capital. When this happens a portion of their total investment will go into United States Treasury Bills and they will receive an option to convert the protected capital into more equity in the company in the future, at a reasonable discount to market value.

What this means.

You won’t have to look far for investors for your next financing round, as your existing capital protected investors will already have

  1. no learning curve about your business;
  2. lots of “dry powder” in the form of their capital protected investment; and
  3. a strong incentive to convert their capital protected investment into equity due to the discount they will receive.