Entrepreneur FAQs

What types of companies can be listed on RetireAmerica.com?

RetireAmerica.com allows companies from all industries to be listed.

How do I list my company of RetireAmerica.com?

You can fill out the form located in the “For Entrepreneurs” section of our website, or you can click here. We will then review your company and 404 Not Found

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determine if it meets our suitability standards.

How long will it take to raise money?

Every financing will be unique, and results will vary. We will list your company on the portal until the goal is met. After 3 months, if there is insufficient investor demand, your company will be reviewed by RetireAmerica.com to determine if the listing will remain on our website.

How is my company’s valuation determined?

As the issuer of your company’s securities, you will set the valuation of your company. If your valuation is out of line with industry comparables or other valuation standards, it is likely you will not be listed on RetireAmerica.com.

Will my company’s information remain confidential?

In order for RetireAmerica.com to present your company to our investor community, you will be required to share certain information about your company. Your information will be shared only with members of RetireAmerica.com’s investor community who are bound by RetireAmerica.com’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Do I get to choose who is allowed to invest in my company?

No, your company will be presented to RetireAmerica.com’s entire investor community and will be funded by the investors who commit the capital first.

How much involvement do investors have post-close?

Investors will have the rights to participate in and receive information about your company that they are granted under the laws of the state of your company’s incorporation. The structure of your equity offering may result in investors having additional rights. We encourage companies to keep their investors up to date and release reports on progress.

How many investors will I have in a round?

Each financing will be different. You will be able to set the minimum investment per investor which will determine the maximum number of investors. Depending on how much each investor decides to invest, you may have less than the maximum amount. At no point can the number of investors go over 2,000 unless a public filing is made with the SEC.

Can I tell people I know about my listing on RetireAmerica.com?

As of September 23, 2013 the SEC has legalized general solicitation for Reg D securities.  General solicitation will be allowed as long as it abides by the required rules set forth by the SEC.

Can I use a convertible note to raise funds on RetireAmerica.com?

Absolutely. Issuers may raise money through equity, debt, or convertible debt.

Can I market the offering?

Yes. On September 23, 2013 the SEC enabled the rules for general solicitation for Reg D private placements. This will enable general solicitation for the offering pursuant to the rules set forth by the SEC.

Is there a fee to list, or other fees?

There is no charge to be listed on RetireAmerica.com. The broker dealer processing the transaction will generally charge a fee based on the percentage of the money raised through RetireAmerica.com. There is no fee for money raised from pre-existing relationships.